Leader of all CMS, WordPress® has by far the largest market share with more than 30% (and up to 80% with professional websites).

The reason is quite simple : WordPress® is the result of international collaborative work, with thousands of web developers working daily on stability and upgradability of the CMS. It goes without saying that being part of the WordPress® ecosystem is a clear evidence for NEOH, and has been for more than 10 years. A decade that has allowed us to see this CMS evolve and to master every inch of its technical aspects.

And because NEOH knows how to stay unbiased at all times, we carefully select any update and qualitative plugins.

Last but not least, and possibly most importantly, NEOH works exclusively in line with the WordPress® codex to design and develop bespoke and tailored themes, to precisely meet all your requirements : lighter than standard theme and more robust, entirely customisable and upgradeable.

This essential difference is for you an undeniable pledge of quality.

Bruno Hermanche
Master of words and founding CEO of NEOH

Advises, imagines, shapes and refines every detail of your websites, brochures or radio/TV ads so that they reflect your personal vision. A Sciences Po and Cambridge graduate and also a lover of all kinds of culture, he believes in the complementary alliance of words and images to develop powerful concepts, fully adjustable from print to digital…or vice-versa.

photo et illustration de Bruno
photo et illustration de Morgane
Morgane Sutter
Versatile Web Designer

Is behind (almost) every line of code of your website! Having refused to choose between graphic design and development, Morgane has an eclectic approach and is up-to-date on all the latest technology, enabling her to offer cutting-edge design innovations. She is particularly focussed on user experience. Living in Ireland since 2017, she is exporting NEOH internationally!