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NEOH – CREATIVE AGENCY is at the heart of a creative ecosystem ready for all your communication projects. Our digital team works in collaboration with a graphic design and print team whilst our specialised partners (video, 3D, mobile apps, printers, etc…) work with both teams.
This organisation allows us to choose a hand-picked, custom team for each projet, adapted to its requirements and deadlines. We can therefore guarantee you a highly specialised approach, almost maximum efficiency and economy of scale.



Because an effective website must meet numerous criteria esthetically and ergonomically speaking, without neglecting content and indexing, Bruno set up rigorous processes to ensure that your project complies with the highest standards at every stage.
A holistic vision and complementary skills that will guarantee you a result that exceeds your expectations.
What he likes : Chocolate, sports cars, robots & science-fiction
What he hates : Formalities, lack of professionalism & sectarianism!

What he likes : Chocolate, sports cars, robots & science-fiction
What he hates : Formalities, lack of professionnalism & sectarianism !


Morgane refused to choose between Web Design and Development. Her double background – both artistic (she has an applied art degree) and technical (web developer and integrator course) – allows her to deal with any digital project with an eclectic approach, developing a proactive strategy.

What she likes : Owls, Star Wars, videogames & tattoos.
What she hates : Inefficiency, manipulation & pretentiousness!

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Bruno Hermanche
Founder of NEOH

From the creation of NEOH in 2005, Bruno wanted to put his experience in large communication groups at the service of ambitious projects, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, so that they can also access premium quality websites, at affordable prices.

photo et illustration de Bruno
photo et illustration de Morgane
Morgane Sutter
Versatile Web Designer

Is behind (almost) every line of code of your website! Between graphic design and development, Morgane refused to choose: her eclecticism and her permanent technological watches allow her to propose you the latest design innovations. She focuses more particularly on user experience.