Aérocolor Design

aérosol design by neoh

Above all, this is the story of a meeting with a motorcycle painting genius.

Originally, Bruno heard about Raphaël Mathes’s excellent reputation and entrusted him to restore the wheel rims of one of his vehicules.

In the end, this wonderful meeting allowed us to create a website for him that matched his ambitions, to present all his artistic expertise: motorbike painting, restoration of old classic motorcycles, powder coating, etc…

NEOH is really proud to support Raphaël on the road to well-deserved success, as, in 2019, he decided to entirely dedicate himself to this job – that used to only be a hobby – and transform it into a company whose reputation is steadily growing month after month.

Well-deserved success!

Visit this NEOH web creation : https://aerocolordesign.fr