Banette Obernai

site de banette, référence neoh

Amongst the (numerous ! 😉 ) qualities of our clients, there is one we particularly appreciate: loyalty.

And not necessarily for the reason you may imagine…

Of course, loyalty rewards NEOH’s work quality and our commitment to every project, but more importantly, it allows us to update, revise and rework a website we have already conceived, and whose technical, graphic and ergonomic aspects we already know.

In the case of Banette Obernai, we had two goals: to renew a website we created in 2014 and to showcase our client’s second French bakery-pâtisserie shop. The new website accentuates both the location of the shops and their respective atmospheres, as well as presenting new offers in a more complete way than before.

The dynamic part (weekly menus) is administered really easily by our client via the backoffice, thanks to a specially designed module we developed.

Visit this NEOH web creation :