Choucrouterie Angsthelm

Site web de la choucrouterie Angsthelm

Angsthelm: an exceptional sauerkraut factory based in Krautergersheim, the “sauerkraut capital of the world”.

In 2022, this sauerkraut maker chose NEOH to create its new website, a collaboration that has enhanced its online presence while strengthening the appeal of its brand.

Key details :

Explore the world of sauerkraut on, where tradition meets modernity. We’ve preserved the essence of the existing graphic charter, carefully adapting each element for an optimal web experience. The site showcases the different ranges of sauerkraut, offering a mouth-watering presentation of the products, from raw sauerkraut for catering professionals to the delicious cooked sauerkraut available in supermarkets.

Variety and Tradition:

Detailed product information sheets reveal the wealth of flavours, from sauerkraut cooked with beer to sauerkraut cooked with goose or duck fat, not forgetting sauerkraut with Riesling, evoking a gastronomic journey to the heart of Alsace. This diversity reflects Angsthelm’s commitment to tradition while exploring new flavours to satisfy every palate.

Health and indulgence:

The site is not just about presenting products. It also serves as a platform for promoting the benefits of cabbage, helping to raise the profile of the entire industry.

Creative and tasty recipe cards attract and retain visitors, while reinforcing Angsthelm’s positive image as a leader in its field.

At NEOH, we’re proud to have worked with Angsthelm Sauerkraut to create an online experience that lives up to its reputation. If you want to transcend your digital presence while preserving the essence of your brand, trust our team with your project.

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