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The ‘Corporation des Professionnels Ferblantiers Installateurs du Bas-Rhin’ (COPFI) is one of the oldest corporations in Alsace. In addition to defending the collective interests of the professions it represents, it provides its members with a range of individualised services with high added value.

The challenge for our agency was, on the one hand, to refresh the image of the corporation via an optimised graphic design and interface, and on the other hand, to provide members with a secure space giving them access to all the information, while encouraging the recruitment of new members.

To do this, we have set up a system of differentiated content management which allows any visitor to consult, for example, extracts from the blog, without being able to access all the articles as long as they are not registered as a member. This also helps to retain members by making them aware of the benefits offered by their corporation.

We have also reinforced the local identity of COPFI by reserving a new domain name in .alsace, which plays a strong symbolic role.

Public or semi-public organisations, NEOH can bring you a different approach, focused on performance, while respecting and understanding your identity, your missions and your objectives.

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