Côte de France

cote de france

The famous Parisian boutique, located on the Avenue de l’Opéra since 1936, had an outdated website that was out of step with the times and even less in tune with the high-end positioning of its chocolates.

Knowing NEOH’s reputation and experience in the luxury and gastronomy sectors, it was only natural that Côte de France turned to us to create their new showcase website.

We designed a sober and elegant customised interface, highlighting the various boxes and cases, not forgetting the use of atmospheric photographs, all enhanced by subtle animations.

Also available in English, this site will be able to easily evolve towards online sales when the time comes, thanks to an evolving management of product sheets and content.

In the meantime, the blog will allow flavour lovers from all over the world to find inspiration, while waiting to have the chance to push open the door of this institution revered by all Parisian lovers of opera… and chocolate!

Visit this NEOH web creation : https://cote-de-france.fr