CSE France – RD Connect

reference NEOH CSE - Courrier service Entreprise

When Courrier Service Entreprise (CSE), the specialist in postal services and routing-marketing for professionals, decides to redesign its Website, it puts its trust in its historical partners NEOH – Creative Agency, who have been working with it for almost 10 years!

Based on a graphic charter designed by Jean-François Reber and Méghane d’Acunto from our print department, this new site is structured around the company’s two main activities, namely on the one hand the postal service for professionals (CSE) and on the other hand routing and dematerialisation, new hobbyhorses for this high-tech company, via its brand RD Connect.

NEOH made sure to present the two activities and their complementarity in a clear manner via a two-part mega menu, producing rich content, which we customised to optimise SEO.

Now it’s up to you to discover how you can optimise the management of your company mail and efficiently implement the dematerialisation of your processes.

Because you can also talk technical in a clear way… and with a smile!

Visit this NEOH web creation : https://cse-france.fr