Domaine Loew

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Welcome to Domaine Loew, a wine estate rooted in a family history dating back to the 18th century in Westhoffen, west of Strasbourg.

Practising certified biodynamic viticulture, the estate stands out for its hand-picked harvest, accompanied by the benevolent presence of sheep and goats in the vineyards in autumn, encouraging the microbial vitality of the soil.

Key details :

Explore the world of wine at, where respect for nature and passion for terroir meet. As fervent defenders of the environment, we are proud to have collaborated with Domaine Loew to highlight its nature-friendly viticultural practices.

Biodynamics and Authenticity:

Domaine Loew is firmly committed to certified biodynamic viticulture.

Each terroir is vinified separately, with controlled yields and spontaneous fermentation, illustrating the estate’s authentic commitment to preserving biodiversity and natural cycles.

Digital Innovation:

Our collaboration with Domaine Loew has given rise to an innovative website, a welcome replacement for the old one. Discover the product sheets by type of wine and grape variety, with an intelligent sorting engine for fast browsing through grape varieties such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinots, Muscats, etc. The blog, a new feature, invites you to follow the latest news from the estate as the seasons go by.

Top-of-the-range graphic charter:

The bespoke graphic charter gives the Domaine Loew website an upmarket feel, perfectly reflecting the spirit of perfection that guides the estate’s approach to winemaking. The early launch of this new site at the end of 2023 is proof of our commitment to satisfaction and efficiency.

NEOH is honoured to contribute to the online development of Domaine Loew, a partner whose passion and commitment to nature are in perfect harmony with our own values. If you share our conviction in favour of preserving the environment, entrust us with your project for a fruitful collaboration that respects your principles.

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