Site de formation Forsantal, by Neoh

Forsantal, an approved training institute for healthcare facilities, companies, and individuals, needed a site that complied with the requirements of Qualiopi certification. As our agency is one of the few providers authorized to manage this type of compliance, NEOH was able to provide Forsantal with a relevant and personalized solution.

To this end, we created a template for a 100% Qualiopi-compliant form, before integrating all of the proposed training courses, allowing visitors to benefit from clear and exhaustive information, intelligently presented (UX / UI optimization), with the possibility of downloading each form in PDF format.

The contact form is accessible from each form in order to increase conversions by limiting the number of clicks, and a chat pop-up offers the possibility of direct contact with Forsantal.

A dynamic filter allows the immediate display of the training courses corresponding to the selected category, while the interactive calendar allows visitors to view the dates of training courses offered by Forsantal.

Playful icons add an attractive touch to the whole.

Optimized loading times make navigation functional and meet Google’s requirements for referencing, especially on mobiles.

For Neoh, the optimization of your website remains a primary criterion; we add a tailor-made approach to meet the most specific needs, especially in the professional training sector.

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