Behrens cheese maker

Fromagerie Behrens

A true institution, the Behrens cheese maker has been present on the markets of Strasbourg and the surroundings for 73 years!

This company, renowned for the quality of its products, contacted NEOH in September 2021, with the aim of launching a rather special online sales site by the beginning of December at the latest, since customers can reserve their cheese platters on the condition that they come and collect them from the market of their choice: a sort of “drive”, but in cheese version 😉

The NEOH teams had to develop a system adapted to this rather special request: in order to allow the Behrens cheese maker to prepare its orders in advance, we set up an automatic deadline principle, as well as a dynamic drop-down menu allowing the customer to choose the day and the market where he wants to take delivery of his order.

The December test phase does not yet include online payment, yet the booking system is already recording numerous daily orders, which augurs well for the success of this site, which combines all the characteristics of a successful project:

  • A professional client, recognised for the excellence of its products and with an excellent image
  • Gourmet cheeses, enhanced by photos taken by our agency, with a dedicated styling
  • A coherent offer, in line with visitors’ expectations
  • A “mobile first” ergonomics, allowing you to make your purchases in just a few clicks
  • An exceptional domain name,, which allows the Behrens brand to proudly display its belonging to the region while expanding its scope

There is no doubt that this new website is the starting point of a new 2.0 era for Behrens cheese maker, and NEOH is proud to accompany them in their digital growth.

Visit this NEOH web creation :