Ginseng Diététique

Zen, version 2.0

NEOH is lucky enough to collaborate with clients with whom it shares common values.
GINSENG DIETETIQUE is a Strasbourg shop specialising in organic products and dietary supplements.

Naturopathy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, apitherapy, gemmotherapy… All terms that could appear vague to a layman, and that had to be explained, so that everybody could easily make their health a priority.

In this respect, it is mandatory that both the client and agency are on the same wavelength, but also and primarily that the provider in charge of the website fully masters the subject.
NEOH produced all the creative writing in partnership with GINSENG DIETETIQUE, to make the website accessible to the greatest number of people.

Another goal was to refresh the organic image, which is more and more used and misused by major marketing groups, at the expense of “small” market actors, which have existed for longer and practice their job with ethics and legitimacy.
To stay competitive in such an overkilled communication concept, you should use the same weapons, to become a “2.0” shop.
This is why NEOH set about creating a new graphic identity first, by designing a new logo and new color scheme, which evolved to a new and more contemporary shop sign and showcase display.
On the other hand, we worked on print communication (business cards, letterheads), and, of course, Web communication, which allowed us to bring perfect consistency and coherence together.

Visit this NEOH web creation :
Bruno Hermanche
Master of words and founding CEO of NEOH

Advises, imagines, shapes and refines every detail of your websites, brochures or radio/TV ads so that they reflect your personal vision. A Sciences Po and Cambridge graduate and also a lover of all kinds of culture, he believes in the complementary alliance of words and images to develop powerful concepts, fully adjustable from print to digital…or vice-versa.

photo et illustration de Bruno
photo et illustration de Morgane
Morgane Sutter
Versatile Web Designer

Is behind (almost) every line of code of your website! Having refused to choose between graphic design and development, Morgane has an eclectic approach and is up-to-date on all the latest technology, enabling her to offer cutting-edge design innovations. She is particularly focussed on user experience. Living in Ireland since 2017, she is exporting NEOH internationally!