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A French expert in the design, development and production of teas and infusions, HERBAPAC was founded in 2008 in Alsace, following the merger of two giants of the delicatessen sector, the Fauchon group and the Salpa group.

From Selection to Processing:

HERBAPAC stands out for its comprehensive approach, from the meticulous selection of raw materials to the design of unique recipes. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to teas and infusions, HERBAPAC ensures high-quality processing and optimal packaging.

Commitment to Quality:

Year after year, HERBAPAC strengthens its commitment to its customers by guaranteeing a high level of performance, food safety and quality. The most advanced production techniques are used to produce this ancestral beverage.

Technical overhaul for sustainability:

NEOH has undertaken a complete overhaul of the HERBAPAC presentation site, based on WordPress, preserving the essence of the brand while providing proven durability and technical robustness.

If you too are considering a technical overhaul of your site without altering the ergonomics or design, NEOH can offer you its technical expertise to guarantee the durability, robustness and security of your Web project.

Visit this NEOH web creation : https://herbapac.fr/