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INDUSTRADE, a French partner to the food industry, has been established in Alsace for over 70 years.

As a leading supplier of professional equipment to the food industry, INDUSTRADE is committed to offering its customers the very best equipment and an impeccable service. Confident in their expertise, INDUSTRADE has chosen the NEOH agency to create their new website, which will go live in autumn 2023.

A Committed Leader:

With over 70 years’ experience, INDUSTRADE is committed to offering its customers the best equipment available and impeccable service. Over the years, the range has grown to cover all the needs of the food industry.

A complete range for all sectors:

INDUSTRADE supplies benchmark equipment for a variety of sectors, including the meat industry, the poultry industry, the fish industry, fruit and vegetable processing, the bakery, viennoiserie and patisserie industry, out-of-home catering activities (RHD) and caterers, the hygiene of equipment, staff and the working environment, as well as certain specific applications outside the food industry.

Constantly evolving offers:

In response to constantly changing consumer habits and the industrialisation of production, INDUSTRADE now offers portable tools, fixed machines and even complete processes.

Evolving and elegant website:

INDUSTRADE’s new website, designed by NEOH and due to go live in autumn 2023, will showcase all the company’s product ranges. Thanks to a comprehensive mega menu and exhaustive product sheets, the site offers dual navigation – by category and by product – meeting the needs of all visitors. The sober, elegant interface offers a unique experience in an industrial sector that is often under-represented in digital communications.

NEOH is proud to contribute to INDUSTRADE’s online presence with a website that reflects its leadership and commitment to excellence. For a complete and comprehensive experience in agri-food equipment, explore the new INDUSTRADE website.

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