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Jean-Marie Lutz describes himself as a “presence booster”. When he contacted NEOH for his website, we felt energised by his project.

To be fully involved in what we do, to do it well, within a team moving in the same direction, for the success of all… This is the main objective of his workshops, which use theatre, body expression and relaxation techniques.

To optimise conversions via this site, we have designed a contact form accessible at the very top of the home page.

Three navigation zones, animated by rollovers, allow access to the different workshops offered by JM Lutz.

The sticky menu allows permanent access to the navigation, while the whole site is of course secured in https and protected from spam by an invisible Google recaptcha (v3).

Because the best booster for your business is an intelligently designed website, call on NEOH whatever the size of your project: we have the right solutions.

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Laure Sutter
Business development and follow-up

Attentive to your needs, she is your first point of contact. Her experience of more than 10 years as an independent trader enables her to understand instantly the needs and requirements of our clients. Trained and used to the technical use of a website, she will be able to inform you efficiently.

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Bruno Hermanche
Founder of NEOH

From the creation of NEOH in 2005, Bruno wanted to put his experience in large communication groups at the service of ambitious projects, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, so that they can also access premium quality websites, at affordable prices.

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Morgane Sutter
Versatile Web Designer

Is behind (almost) every line of code of your website! Between graphic design and development, Morgane refused to choose: her eclecticism and her permanent technological watches allow her to propose you the latest design innovations. She focuses more particularly on user experience.