La Poule qui Mue

site web de la poule qui mue

Discover La Poule qui Mue, a lively and colourful co-working space ideally located in Obernai, in the heart of Alsace. is much more than a shared workspace: it’s an atmosphere conducive to creative emulation, productive synergies, exciting projects and, above all, satisfied customers.

Flexibility in the heart of Alsace :

La Poule qui Mue offers flexible configurations to meet the changing needs of micro-entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Whether for teleworking, meetings, events or short, medium or long-term office rental, this co-working space offers a variety of options to suit every situation.

Energise Your Work :

Unique spaces energise work activities, whether for team meetings, corporate events or team building sessions. La Poule qui Mue offers total flexibility to create the ideal working environment, tailored to the needs of the moment.

Creative Agency partners :

Behind La Poule qui Mue are two Creative Agency partners: Aude Ludmann (1Variable) and Jean-François Reber, a graphic designer with whom NEOH has worked closely for almost two decades. This long-standing collaboration has allowed maximum creative freedom for the website, resulting in colourful animations, original shapes and playful winks, both in the words (look out for the spoonerisms) and in the graphics.

A vibrant, dynamic website:

La Poule qui Mue’s website isn’t just functional, it’s an interactive visual experience. Colourful animations, original shapes and creative winks dot the space, bringing a touch of fun and dynamism to the often conventional world of business.

If you’re looking for a vibrant, flexible and creative co-working space, La Poule qui Mue is the place to be. With a dedicated team and a unique atmosphere, this extraordinary place will inspire you to transform the way you work. A professional experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

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