Laurence Perrin

Laurence Perrin

Content in the heart of the referencing approach

When Laurence Perrin Conseil consulted us, amongst other contractors, to renew her website, we were impressed by the density, the regularity and the pertinence of her blog posts.

For us, the approach was clear : we needed to capitalize on these existing assets to build what has made the  long lasting reputation of NEOH and the Creative Agency, namely an innovating web design and an optimal interface so as to highlight the rich content.

First technical goal: to break free from the shackles of the ageing Joomla and migrate to the last generation WordPress, which provides better performance and upgradability.

Laurence Perrin Conseil : the website before NEOH’s intervention

To do this, we set up a migration tool to save and export all the content, before proceeding to a complete update.
At this time, we had the idea of displaying the last lines of every blog articles in the slider: as the articles were numerous and frequently renewed, it was better show all this variety directly from the homepage!

We carefully redirected any existing indexing to avoid any loss when the new website would take over.
Obviously, as you may expect, our goal was also to manage a complete URL rewriting so every article would have the most accurate URL (address) based on its effective content.

Some weeks after putting the new website online, this mixture of techniques allowed us to literally squat the first page of Google on some queries, source of great satisfaction for Laurence Perrin, who thanks herself for having chosen the skills and experience of NEOH – Creative Agency.

Laurence Perrin Conseil : the new website created by NEOH


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