Rés’O, a new coworking space in Obernai

Discover Rés’O, the new business and coworking space set up by the Communauté de Communes du Pays de Sainte Odile, in Obernai.
The NEOH agency was chosen to create the website presenting this unique space, dedicated to economic development.

Description of the place:

Inaugurated in mid-March 2024, Rés’O covers 570 m2 and aims to become a key platform for the economy of Central Alsace. It offers much more than just a shared workspace; it provides a versatile and friendly environment, conducive to professional development.
On the first floor, a 100 m2 area is dedicated to business services and public reception. The second floor, covering 470 m2, includes 29 places in three large coworking spaces, 9 individual offices available to rent, as well as training rooms.

Promoting the site:

NEOH designed the Rés’O graphic charter to highlight the attractiveness of the site, while promoting accessibility and ergonomics. The site gives details of the different spaces available, highlights the advantages of coworking and allows visitors to connect quickly to their online booking space.

Explore the Rés’O website, designed by the NEOH agency, and immerse yourself in a dynamic and inspiring professional world. Thanks to a detailed presentation of the spaces and a fluid navigation, our client can effectively promote this new economic hub in the heart of Alsace, while offering its visitors a wealth of information.

Visit this NEOH web creation : https://obernai-lereso.com/