When you are lucky enough to have, amongst your clients, one of the most inventive French Chocolatiers, you should not be surprised to see him creating an exceptional chocolate spread !

Entirely handmade, with 45% of nuts versus 15% for other products on the market that we will not quote to prevent any advertisement they don’t deserve, Nut’Alsace® chocolate spread is available in a lot of different recipes, all just as delicious.

This needed a website that could equally fulfill the expectation of this gourmet experience. So NEOH made some inventions of its own, from the choice of the domain name that reflect the image of the brand, to the creation of a full screen slider with parallax effect intended to show Nut’Alsace® “tasting pleasure shock”, without forgetting a dedicated blog, with recipe ideas and the possibility to buy the product online via an ingenious module which connects this mini-website to Jacques Bockel e-commerce, !

Visit this NEOH web creation :