site Pfister chocolatier

No, greed is not a bad thing, and at NEOH, we are always very greedy; it is with appetite that we created the site of the house Pfister.

This e-commerce allows the store located in Switzerland, near Zurich, to offer its chocolates for sale online.

The site, designed from a WooCommerce® base, offers the possibility to the Internet users to select their chocolates in all peace of mind, in the language of their choice. Indeed, in order to respond to the specificities of the Swiss market, the site has been designed in 2 languages (French and German) to allow French or German speaking Swiss to surf in the language of their choice.

Filters by category or price range are proposed to simplify the purchasing act and optimize conversions.

A real gourmet journey to discover on the Pfister chocolatier website.

Visit this NEOH web creation :