SebReflex Photographie


Amongst our favorites clients, photographers give us the opportunity to test two fundamental constraints in our profession :

  • Quick loading time : indeed, when we speak about photographers we speak about the need to show pictures, if possible numerous and of good quality. NEOH uses and develops professional plugins to compress images as effectively as possible, in order to get the best compromise between display quality and page loading time. By finishing with a good cache plugin, we managed to get loading time lower than 3 seconds for a website with fullscreen images in the case of SebReflex Photographies !
  • Quality of interface and navigation : an image-rich website doesn’t allow for any mistakes with regards to ergonomics. Navigation should be fluid, natural, intuitive and efficient. NEOH’s work regarding UX/UI (user experience and user interface) allowed us to make a lightweight website, easy and pleasant to browse.

Visit this NEOH web creation :