site web de la SHAR

Welcome to the heart of Riquewihr’s fabulous historical heritage, preserved with passion by the Société d’Histoire et d’Archéologie de Riquewihr (SHAR), founded in 1898 by visionaries including the emblematic president Fernand Zeyer (1875-1969).

NEOH is proud to have been chosen to perpetuate this rich, centuries-old history online.

Key details:

Explore Riquewihr’s captivating history at, where the SHAR keeps two must-see gems alive to this day: the Musée du Dolder, offering a unique view of the town since 1291, and the Tour des Voleurs, a testament to the Middle Ages and the administration of justice under the Counts and Dukes of Württemberg.

Living Heritage :

The SHAR, guardian of the town’s heritage, has entrusted NEOH with the task of transposing the essence of the Middle Ages into a website. Icons of clubs, swords and pennants punctuate the interface, creating a captivating medieval atmosphere. The dynamic illustrated frieze and blog offer an interactive journey through time.


The Dolder Museum reveals the ingenuity of the people of Riquewihr in the face of attack and fire over the centuries. The Thieves’ Tower plunges visitors into the administration of justice under the Counts and Dukes of Württemberg, and is complemented by a visit to a reconstructed winegrower’s house.

Enhanced appeal:

The new website, which will be available in 4 languages and will go online at the beginning of summer 2023, will attract visitors with its medieval atmosphere, providing a wealth of information for researchers, not to mention the blog, which will share news from the SHAR and encourage tourists to book a visit to these historic monuments during their stay.

If, like the SHAR, you are looking to bring your heritage into the digital world with creativity and commitment, entrust your project to NEOH. Together, we can create an online experience that transcends time and inspires awe.

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