Caterer La Terrine

site web du traiteur la terrine

This caterer located in Dorlisheim, not far from Molsheim, in Alsace, offers daily dishes to individuals and also to companies, for which it provides deliveries at every lunchtime.

Its manager Pascal Meylaender contacted us because he wanted to offer his business customers online booking and payment of the day’s meals, as well as the ability to use dematerialised restaurant vouchers.

Initially wanting a dedicated application, we convinced him to opt for a website developed in “mobile first”, which has all the advantages of an application without the disadvantages linked to downloading, updates and acceptance by the Android and iOs platforms.

In addition, we had to develop bespoke functionality for managing company accounts, so that each employee could be attached to a company account with specific benefits.

We also had to set up a differentiated management of VAT rates depending on whether the customer was a private individual in click and collect or a company account benefiting from delivery.

This tailor-made approach quickly bore fruit, enabling our client to develop its business offer.

The icing on the cake: the success of the first few weeks with private individuals has encouraged La Terrine to offer lunch delivery to them as well, starting in June 2022.

A double technical and commercial challenge successfully met, allowing our caterer to move to the next stage of its digital development.

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