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The art of making something new with a clean!

For us, Clean & Co represent the perfect example of a loyal customer, who gave us their entire trust and who NEOH have supported for many years. Its leaders, Hervé KUDADZE and Chloé GASPAREC, entrusted us in 2016 for the renewal of their website which we first made in 2012.

At this time, Clean & Co’s budget was really limited, and we mostly focused on graphical and ergonomic optimisation of their very first website, designed by one of those “turnkey solution” providers that propose offers that seem tempting, but that only give clients limited pre-programmed
This time, we started on a brand new WordPress basis, with a double entry homepage that allowed access to both of Clean & Co’s jobs: a version dedicated to professionals, and a new one dedicated to individuals.
2-in-1 website, with full screen and one page design interfaces, to best suit users’ expectations. All information is directly accessible, and no element is further than a single mouse click away.
The new Clean & Co website is not only fast-loading (less than 2 seconds), but also completely optimised and ranked “A” in performances (Pingdom Tool).

This new website, designed by NEOH for Clean & Co, represents an evolving and performing tool, in line with the image of this dynamic company.

PS : Oh yes and we nearly forgot the Easter egg: stay a while on the homepage to see the rain fall 😉

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